How it Works

We’ve made it easier to keep track of your reservation(s) and dog(s) profiles within our new online account system. Once your account is created you will be able to create, add and edit your dog’s profile(s) as well as view upcoming and prior reservations.

It’s about the Experience… We want to ensure that everyone has a safe and great time while at Emerald Glen, and prior to accepting your reservation request we will first need to know a little bit about your dog. Since you know your dog the best we will be relying on your responses to the dog profile to make sure your dog’s personality will be a fit. The last thing we want to do is put your dog into an environment that they will be uncomfortable in, as the Emerald Glen is a place for relaxing and enjoying experiences with your pup in an off-leash environment.

We’d be happy to chat about your dog’s compatibility with the vacation setting so that you and your dog will appropriately enjoy the experience.

  • We regrettably must decline pit bull type dogs due to insurance regulations.
  • Only one intact male dog allowed at any given time.
  • Female dogs in heat will not be allowed.
  • Dog aggression with humans or canines is not allowed.
  • Please review our rules for Managing your Dog(s) below.

Step 1: Create Your Account

To create an account you will need to provide an email address and password. Once created, please take the time to fill out the My Account section as well as your Guest Profiles then follow steps 2-4 to begin your reservation.

Step 2: Create Dog Profile(s)

It’s about the dogs… Since this is such a unique destination, we ask that you please take the time to fill out your dog(s) profile(s), otherwise you will be unable to complete your reservation request.

  • Please be advised that we will need a copy of your dog(s) current vaccination records as both Rabies and DHLPP are required.  These must be current at the time of your stay.  If your dog’s vaccinations expire prior to your stay, you will need to email us in advance the updated vaccination paper work.

Step 3: Checking Availability

Find the lodging that best suits you and your dogs needs. Please note that lodgings fill up quickly and if it is unavailable you will have the option to select from one of the other related lodging options.

View Lodgings

Step 4: Booking Confirmation

  • Once we receive your reservation request, we will evaluate your dog’s profile and vaccination records* within a day or two.
    *please upload your dog’s current vaccination record to their profile(s), otherwise email them over prior to your stay.
  • Once approved, you will receive an email with your reservation details and a link for payment.
  • Within a week prior to arrival you will receive an email with arrival details and any last minute notes.

Email is the best way to reach us: We are a small staff and wear many hat so we may not always be by an office phone. If you need to call, the number is 510-552-3500.

Managing Your Dog

A Getaway vacation is a social experience with many dogs mingling with dogs and people. The benefit of the Getaway is that most of this occurs off-leash. However, just because your dog is off-leash does not mean that you are ‘off-the-hook’ from being responsible for your dog’s behavior and his well-being at all times.

Your dog is in an unfamiliar place surrounded by dogs and people they have not interacted with before. Be ready to intervene on your dog’s behalf if he is uncomfortable and resorting to defensive or fearful behaviors. On the flip side, if your dog is being overly rambunctious in play with others, exhibiting guarding behaviors, or charging aggressively at other dogs and people, you must intervene and remove your dog from the situation before things escalate.

We need the cooperation of all of our guests to create a positive experience for everyone and every dog.

Canine Rules

  1. Keep your dog in your sight and under your voice control. If you are unable to do this in a particular situation, consider having your dog on leash or do not have him out with you at that time.
  2. Prevent your dog from acting aggressively or overly rambunctious towards other dogs or people. Nipping, grabbing, charging or excessive barking or jumping up should not be allowed. Leash your dog or remove your dog from the situation. There is a NO TOLERANCE rule regarding dog bites. If your dog bites another person, you will be asked to leave.
  3. Monitor your dog when he is involved in group play. No one should allow any dog (yours or someone else’s) to be picked on, ganged up on, etc.
  4. Ask permission from the owner first, before engaging in a game of fetch with a dog that is not yours. A dog may have health issues that you are not aware of!
  5. Keep all food items away from the reach of dogs. Be mindful of where you leave bags and jackets with food items where dogs can reach them (on the ground, hanging on chairs, etc). Besides ingesting something that is not good for them, accessible food may cause a dog fight.
  6. Do not allow your dog to resource guard. If your dog is guarding you, your table in the pavilion, the entrance to your lodging, etc. you must not allow this to continue. Remove your dog from the situation.
  7. If you have multiple dogs, you need to be able to manage them ALL. Dogs from the same household have a certain pack dynamic that can easily overwhelm other dogs and people. If you are not able to monitor the whereabouts of all your dogs, or 2 or even 1 of them, leave them in your lodging to make it easier on yourself. Give them turns with you or give them all a break!
  8. Rest your dog! Your dog is probably not used to the constant stimulation, exploring, playing, running and swimming as he is probably asleep while you are at work all day! Remember to give your dog frequent breaks from all the action so they don’t get grouchy!
  9. Pick up the poop that you see! Nobody wants to step in dog poop – please pick up dog poop when you come across it, even if it was not left there by your dog!
  10. Be tolerant of eachother if issues with dogs come up. Remember everyone is here because they love their dogs as much as you do!

If you are having trouble managing or understanding your dog’s behavior in this new environment… please contact us. We are more than happy to help.

Your cooperation is needed or you may be asked to leave.